The Oder Island

The Border Art group is happy to invite you the The Oder Island!

We are surrounded by maps.

To go somewhere, find something, to make sense of our environment, we are relying on maps. We believe that what we see on the map is existing “in reality”. But what if the map does not show what you are seeing around you? What if you found a secret, precious place that is there but also not there – that is visible and sometimes invisible?

We discovered such a place in the Oder. An island that is uncovered but might again be covered by water soon.

Thus, we set ourselves the goal to creatively map the Oder Island!

Have you every tried drawing a map yourself? Equipped with pen and paper we spread out to map the island just to figure out that this is by no means an easy task!

Try to observe yourself from a bird’s perspective flying over the island. And then you start drawing the first careful lines. You look at the waves that blur the “borders” of the island. They come and go, they are guided by a multitude of streams and accompany you on the way around the island. After walking a few steps you realise that from this point the lines you were drawing look completely different from what you actually see. Your perspective has obviously changed…

While we started with mapping the spatial dimension of the island, this is not going to be the only one. We are convinced that the temporality of the Oder island makes this place unique. We want to use this precious moment of space and time to gather people and search for treasures on the island together!

Being aware that maps are never neutral or objective, we started a process of creating mapS of the Oder Island. We invite you to follow our process or come visit the Oder island yourself to discover, cover and uncover the in/visible.

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