Practical Information and Travel Scholarships

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From Offline to Hybrid

Due to the potential restrictions on international travel and group gatherings, this year’s edition of Viadrinicum will most likely not be possible in its usual format, when all the participants from various countries meet in Frankfurt (Oder) and Słubice for two weeks at the end of summer. At the moment it is planned to take place in a hybrid format, so as to enable both offline participation for those, who will have a chance to join us in person, and online participation for those, whose presence will be possible only via technical means.

Most of the programme elements will be offered online, including seminars, workshops, public events, case study and open space sessions, as well as a virtual visit to the Center of East European and International Studies (ZOiS) in Berlin.

However, while participation in Viadrinicum in its classical scenario is not limited to the school’s programme, but can also consist of various optional extra-curricular activities, we would still like to maintain a possibility of inviting at least some of the people to Frankfurt (Oder). Concrete arrangements in this regard will have to be made on an individual basis closer to the start of the school.


The only parts of the programme that might involve offline activities are the three parallel Lab.Workshops (Art.Lab, Doc.Lab and Research.Lab), in which the participants will develop their own small (team) projects under the guidance of workshop facilitators. So long as Viadrinicum participants have the freedom to design their projects the way they deem relevant, they can decide individually or collectivelly, if offline activities (for instance, a performance, filming or fieldwork) should be a part of them. In case offline work is planned, it can be carried out in Frankfurt (Oder) or the participants’ place(s) of residence, provided the epidemiological situation permits that.


Participants of the school will be able to receive a scholarship (up to 200 €). It can be used for transportation and accommodation expenses, in case a visit to Frankfurt (Oder) is possible. Alternatively, it can also be repurposed for the expenditures related to the participants’ project work during the summer school.

Technical Equipment

To make your participation in the summer school Viadrinicum 2021 possible and productive, you would need the following technical equipment:

  • Computer/laptop
  • Stable internet connection
  • Microphone and camera

As we will be using software for video-conferencing and interactive group work, these elements will be crucial for an active involvement in the discussions and exchange that will happen during the school.