Final Exhibition and Collaboration with the Brandenburg State Museum for Modern Art

At the end of Viadrinicum 2020 the results of participants’ projects in the Lab.Workshops (Art.Lab, Doc.Lab, Research.Lab) will be integrated into a common exhibition that will take place in a hybrid form and will be accessible to the wider public. The main offline venue for the presentation of these results will be the branch of Brandenburg State Museum for Modern Art located in the City Hall of Frankfurt (Oder). There the works of Viadrinicum participants will be exhibited in a physical space.

During a curatorial guided tour through the exhibition that will be organised as a part of the vernissage on Saturday (August 29), participants from various locations will be able to present their projects by means of a video conference. Depending on availability, the same exhibition can also be presented in full or in part in the physical spaces of our partner organisations in different countries on the same day. In this case, Viadrinicum vernissage will be turned into a multi-local event that will happen simultaneously online and offline across the digital and geographical borders and boundaries.