Opening Talk Viadrinicum 2021

Envisioning Collective Agency Beyond Digital Capitalism
Evgeny Morozov

Much of the contemporary digital debate seems to be stuck between the narratives of absolute empowerment through neoliberalism – mostly by means of boutique and ubiquitous digital markets a la Uber and Airbnb – and the narratives of absolute domination through surveillance capitalism – where our every move is not only tracked but actually pre-programmed. The former promise to give us back control but at the cost of ultimate submission to the logic of the market; the latter, while painting a darker picture, suggest that a more humane, less intrusive capitalism might restore our agency. Is that all that the digital modernity offers us?

In this talk, Evgeny Morozov will outline the broad contours of a very different political agenda that seeks to redeploy the vast potentials of digital infrastructures towards the goals of enhancing democratic agency, boosting autonomy, and facilitating individual and collective becoming and discovery.

Evgeny Morozov is the author of The Net Delusion (2011) and To Save Everything, Click Here (2013). He is also the founder and the publisher of The Syllabus, a knowledge curation initiative. He holds a PhD in History of Science from Harvard University. He has been a visiting scholar at Stanford and Georgetown and has published in The New Yorker, The New York Times, Financial Times, and many other publications. His upcoming book is Freedom as a Service (2022).

Moderation: Prof. Jürgen Neyer (European New School of Digital Studies, Frankfurt (Oder) / Słubice)

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