Digital Exhibition of the Summer School Viadrinicum 2020 “Transsectoral Lab on (Post-)Migration. (Dis-)Integrative Ecnounters”

In August 2020 the Summer School Viadrinicum under the title “Transsectoral Lab on (Post-)Migration. (Dis-)Integrative Encounters” had to take place in a hybrid format: while all the seminars were offerred online, the participants still had a chance to work on their projects in offline contexts of their cities of residence. This format also enabled a closer cooperation with several partner organisations from the countires of the Eastern Partnership, Russia and Poland, which presented case studies, supported our participants with their expertise and sometimes served as the places for offline meetings.

At the end of the school, the results of the participants’ work in the three project-oriented Labs: ArtLab (facilitated by Illia Yakovenko), DocLab (facilitated by Anke Riester) and ResearchLab (facilitated by Johann Wiede) – were presented in the form of a public exhibition at the Brandenburg State Museum of Modern Art in Frankfurt (Oder).

The exhibition in situ was also supplied with a digital version, that was nicely designed with the help of Illia Yakovenko. We invite you to explore it here:

The video recording of the exhibition opening at the Brandenburg State Museum of Modern Art in Frankfurt (Oder) on August 29, 2020 can be found here:

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