Video. Panel Discussion: UniverCity. Knowledge Production about/in the Local Context

Prof. Julia von Blumenthal, president of European University Viadrina, Frankfurt (Oder)
Dr. Daria Bocharnikova, curator & researcher at Bozar – Centre for Fine Arts, Brussels
Dr. Ulrike Kremeier, director of Brandenburg State Museum for Modern Art, Frankfurt (Oder)/Cottbus
René Wilke, lord mayor of Frankfurt (Oder)

Moderation: Kirill Repin (European University Viadrina)

Societal processes are increasingly urbanized nowadays. Being the nodal points in transnational networks of goods, ideas and (human) capital, cities function as the major sites of innovation and political contestation. At the same time with the advance of knowledge economy such institutions of knowledge production, as universities and museums, get interwoven into the urban fabric of the cities even deeper than they used to be, turning into the crucial mediators between the local and the transnational. In search for common visions of fairer future, what potential can such institutions offer to the city residents and which role can/should they adopt in the development of citizen/resident science – knowledge about community produced by the members of community themselves? What is the suitable model for city-university cooperation in such smaller localities like Frankfurt (Oder) and Słubice, where trans-border entanglements could not be more salient? Finally, how can the university and the museum contribute to the (re-)construction of the city as a common good, enabling emancipatory modes of belonging and developing tools for taming the “urban growth machine”?


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