One more loss in a hybrid war: the elite of which nation will the Ukrainian youth become?


by Anastasiia Tokunova

My friend’s daughter is four and a half years old. As I found out two months ago, besides Ukrainian, she is also learning English and German with a tutor. In addition, they are planning to start learning French right before the school. The Polish language will be added just when secondary education begins.

Truly, I was surprised. My friend has never seemed to be a mother, focused on the extra early childish development. Therefore, my first question was “Isn’t it too early?”. The answer was: “I want to give her a chance to go away and never see the war again. Moreover, I’d like her to leave so everything would play right for her in her life.”

This conversation has strongly imprinted in my mind, but only now, when I was drafting this note for the Viadrinicum, I’ve got an opportunity to learn more about it.

Read the story here:

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