23 August. Film Screening. Viadrinicum 2018 MyStreetFilms: FRONTIER

MyStreetFilms: FRONTIER
Slavutych Festival of Film and Urbanism “86”

 August 23, 2018, 7.00 pm / free entry

verbuendungshaus fforst e.V., Forststraße 4, 15230 Frankfurt (Oder)

In 2017 the International Festival of Film and Urbanism “86”, based in the Ukrainian town of Slavutych, held the third edition of the short film almanac “MyStreetFilmsUkraine”. The featured works see everyday citizens portray their cities, communities and street, with the focus on the everyday life of places that generally escape mainstream media attention: “non-posh cities” as the producers of these incisive and profound reflections refer to them. In other words, these are observations from the provinces full of heart and soul. This year’s series, entitled “MyStreetFilms-Frontier” and produced in eastern Ukraine, features works made by the inhabitants of places directly affected by the armed conflict that go beyond cries of dismay and solemn words of partisanship. Instead these are perspectives that speak of an everyday longing for peace and normality amidst the war. What they long for, as well as what they find in reality, leaves a longer-lasting impression on the viewer than cliché-ridden war reporting: what becomes of love and music, gardening and football, health care and the procurement of everyday necessities in the region close to the front? (text: Bernd Bruder, Programme Director, Filmfestival Cottbus).

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