Farewell Concert Viadrinicum 2018 with Kelele (Berlin)

September 01, 2018, 8.30 pm

Havana Bar, Am Graben 4, 15230 Frankfurt (Oder) / free entry

Through numerous jam sessions, live gigs and hard disks filled with recordings, the Berlin-based band Kelele is well known among music connoisseurs. The result pays tribute to the music and sounds of the bands personal heroes; Funk & Highlife bands of the 70’s and 80’s with artist such as Osibisa, Ebo Taylor, Fela Kuti, Orchestre Poly Rythmo de Cotonou, Mulatu Astatke, all of whom have been a tremendous inspiration for Kelele’s musical journey. Undogmatic, open minded and playful, the band breaks the usual genre boundaries, following the tradition of developing their own vigorous style. A mixture of Funk / Socca / Ragga-Beats, coupled with West African percussion arrangements and wind instruments, inspired and influenced by Fela Kuti’s afrobeat and brass band of the Balkans.

With songs about friendship and solidarity, quest for knowledge and reflections upon one’s own roots, there could hardly be any better match for the spirit of experimentation and curiosity that Viadrinicum aspires to embody. We would be glad to have you with us!

With kind financial support of:

Auswärtiges Amt
Viadrina-Center B/Orders in Motion
Deutsch-Polnische Wissenschaftsstiftung (DPWS)
Stiftung für deutsch-polnische Zusammenarbeit

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