I felt so relieved

Coming out stills marks a turning point in the life of most LGBT individuals teaching us an important lesson about the importance of trust in human interactions.

Talking about the coming out process of LGBT individuals in European countries that have not yet introduced gay marriage and civil partnerships often provokes the stereotypical image of individuals solely trying to survive in a hostile environment. And although this image is partly true it only reflects one dimension of today’s life reality of LGBTs in Europe.

Manuel and Sven Normann, researchers and photographers from Berlin, Germany, collected twenty-eight stories of LGBT men and women in their coming out process during their journey through twenty-one European countries since summer 2016.

The story of Tomasz, a 23-years old student living and studying in Poland’s second biggest city Krakow, is one of them. Despite prejudice and stigmatization of LGBTs and growing polarization of the society for those who emphasize traditional and those who emphasize universal human values in recent years, free movement and the use of social media apps have changed the process of coming out especially for younger LGBTs.

Read the full story here:



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