Practical information

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If you need accommodation during your stay at Viadrinicum, we can book a room for you in one of the dormitories in Słubice.

For that, you just have to indicate it in the application form. The price is ca. 85 € for the whole duration of the summer school. You can take a virtual tour through the dormitory complex here:


If you arrive at Berlin Tegel Airport please take the bus “TXL” to the train station Berlin Alexanderplatz. There is a bus approximately every 20 minutes – there is no need to check the schedule in advance. From the train station Berlin Alexanderplatz, please take the train “RE1” in the direction Frankfurt (Oder). There is a train approximately every 30 minutes and it takes about an hour to arrive in Frankfurt (Oder). Attention: Please do not get off at the station called “Frankfurt (Oder) Rosengarten” but take the next stop “Frankfurt (Oder)” instead.

Train Tickets

Please use the webpage of the “Deutsche Bahn” (German train company, for directions to get from any German train station to Frankfurt (Oder). Tickets can be bought directly at the airport. There is a counter where you can purchase tickets (BVG) but also several ticket machines. You will need the following ticket: “Berlin AB to Frankfurt (Oder)” ONE way (in German: “Einfache Fahrt”). It should cost around 10,00 €.

What to bring along on the first day(s)

Make sure to bring some cash on the first day (for accommodation deposit, tickets etc.). You will get a map and some general information when you get here, but don’t worry: Frankfurt (Oder) is a nice sized town and you will find your way and understand the transportation system easily.


WiFi is not as common in Germany as it is in the US, for example. Unfortunately, there is no Internet at the dormitories in Słubice. But of course, you will have WiFi at our university. Furthermore, there are several cafés and bars in Frankfurt (Oder) and Słubice where you have WIFI access.