• Author: llirikniper

  • Quotation of the day #14:

    Under the conditions of proliferating hybridization external and internal conflicts often become transposed, which adds to the blurriness of their borders. Thus, the war in Ukraine becomes a global struggle refracted through the prism of the local conflict.

  • Quotation of the day #13:

    Externalizing the conflicts in oder to keep the center safe, the EU has been bound to face the return of the repressed.

  • Quotation of the day #12:

    The problem of walls’ existence poses the problem of analytical optics: one is alsways caught between the risk of reifying (artificially) constructed differences and the fallacy of ignoring the materiality of existing borders.

  • Quotation of the day #11:

    Metaphorical perception of borders as the skin of statehood makes one aware of the corporeality of political subjectivity.

  • Quotation of the day #8:

    A crucial distinction to be drawn in the context of conflicts is between the political border as a value and the actual border as an area of everyday practices: when it comes to cross-border interactions on the part of ordinary citizens it is often rational/pragmatic reasoning that prevails over ideological one.

  • Quotation of the day #7:

    Economy of emotions structures the discourse about the past: in state of constant emotional agitation the condition of liminality is constantly returning.

  • Quotation of the day #6:

    Today the basic division line is not a vertical one – i.e. who is up, who is down, – but a horizontal one – i.e. who is in, who is out.

  • Quotation of the day #10:

    Semantically the concept of borders cuts both ways – it refers to the embodiment of differene, as well as the constitutive difference itself. Alternatively it can also be conceptualized as the third space – a vantage point from which differences can be observed critically.