Spitzen Schneiden / Обрізати кінці / Cutting Edges

Lisa Korneichuk, Evgeniy Loiko

“Spitzen schneiden” explores the concept of belonging through daily practices and routines, such as a haircut. There are 120 hairdressing salons in Słubice. Many of the clients of these salons are Germans coming from Frankfurt (Oder), but also from Berlin and further afield.
Taking a local hairdressing salon as a starting point, the film provokes the viewer to consider the relations which appear unintentionally with the people of our peripheries. How much are we connected to the people who perform services for us? How much are we related to the places we visit regularly? What does it mean to belong to a place?
Mixing self-reflexive and interactive approaches, the film addresses the question of interdependencies and the role of trust in our everyday life.

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